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I am not a mental health professional, and this is not a professional mental health blog. I created this blog because as someone who knows the struggles we all have with mental health, I wanted to create a safe space for us to communicate and share our experiences in a safe space. I major in psychology and I'm on the road to become a clinical psychologist. Thank you đŸ€



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Check out Jeong the poetry book by Marz K.G. 

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With the many different groups you are able to communicate with others who may be dealing with similar issues. Sometimes talking to someone who doesn't know you but, understands what you are going through because of, similar experiences may help more than you think. So pick a group you feel best fits you, vent, and relate as much as you like.

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One on One

Sometimes not everyone wants to discuss their personal problems with others or in small groups. If you'd like to just talk one on one you can always reach out to me personally by email. Or you can reach me faster directly here on the website and start a chat. I will be more than happy to listen to anything you want to vent about or just get off your chest.

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Need a friend? We're here!


Evolve.GrowbyMars <3

EvolvE.Grow was created to provide a supportive community for myself and those who struggle with mental health. 
This is a safe space for those who need someone. <3

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Reach Out

Thanks for being here, if you'd like more tips or assistance with anything or just want to talk more personally feel free to reach out via email, or schedule a zoom call.

 I'm always here : )

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