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Focusing on you, Why it matters

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

I know I'm not alone when I say that it is hard to ever find time or even the need to focus on myself. I've always been someone others call a people pleaser. At times that is okay but it isn't always the best thing for me personally. We people pleasers also don't understand how messed up it can make us when we don't realize it. Some of us may think that if we put our selves first then we might be seen as selfish or inconsiderate.

Putting yourself first is harder then it seems but it is also more important than you think. Not putting yourself first really does effect a lot more things in our lives than we think. We will start to feel alone, and then we will start to think we are their for others more then they are for us. It will start to seem as if we care for those around us but they could care less about us. When really we're just the kind of people who care way more than others do so when others don't give the same level of care it looks to us as if they just don't care at all. Those who aren't like us they aren't as overbearing as we are when it comes to checking on others or just showing care in general.

When you finally decide to start to care about yourself and your well being then you'll see how much the feeling of being alone or, the feeling of others not caring effects you. You will start to notice the areas of your life that not caring for yourself negatively effects you and then you will be able to start finding ways to positively change that. Putting yourself first doesn't always seem like such a big deal but that's to be expected with someone who put's others first always. Finding a solution is not always easy to do sometimes it takes a while but the thing is change doesn't happen over night and growth isn't something that can just happen quickly.

Way's To Care For Yourself and Be Okay With Only Having You

  1. First normalize that your not always going to be okay with only having yourself. It takes time to learn to be okay with not having others around at times or at all. Once you learn and become okay with yourself and your own vibes then it will get easier. Being okay with only having yourself is the first way to actually start to change the way you see caring for yourself. Once your okay with being by yourself you'll start to see yourself as someone to actually care about.

  2. Find things that you like to do for yourself that makes you happy. For me finding hobbies that bring me peace that I love to do really makes me happy and content with myself. It's alright to do things by yourself it really helps you get in tune with your emotions and helps you focus on a more positive mindset for yourself and towards yourself. Happiness starts with yourself once your able to love you and not feel alone just because by definition your by yourself doesn't mean you are truly alone. You have yourself you are all you need and caring for you and being okay with being by yourself is totally okay.

  3. Most importantly it is alright to not want to be alone it is okay to care for others more then you care for yourself. It's who you are and what makes you, you. Being a caring person is one of the best qualities a person can have. But you can not allow those things to affect you negatively because at the end of the day you are really all you have. Caring for yourself can be hard when your someone who always cares for others. Caring for yourself is important no matter how hard it seems because if your not taking care of yourself you won't be able to take care of anyone else. You need to be alone sometimes to find your peace of mind and be able to see what truly makes you happy because, yes pleasing others may make you happy, but doing things on your own may make you happier.

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