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Hobbies to fill that void

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Many of us go through life feeling empty or having the feeling of a huge void in our lives. Some may experience a loss of something or someone in life leaving you feeling that something is missing in your life. For me when I do feel this way I find a hobby or things to do to occupy my time. Here are some things that also may work for you if you can relate or share the same feeling.

1. Me time- One thing I feel that always helps me and some I know is to set time aside just for yourself. Time to yourself is a necessity no matter if it is just taking a nap. For myself I like to; paint or draw, listen to good vibe music, or read and write poetry or just read in general.

  • Painting gives me a way to freely express my emotions turning them into something cool and allows you to turn whatever emotions you have inside good or bad into something meaningful.

  • Drawing on the other hand gives me a sense of peace and is calming because it's very still depending on what your drawing. You can draw a version of a picture you like or look out your window and draw what you see or even draw just whatever comes to mind.

(Drawing and painting both will get your mind going on the task at hand rather focusing on that feeling of emptiness.)

  • Listening to Music- Music is really something I do everyday. For me music is like going into a whole different world of good feelings and emotions I have never experienced. Listening to certain music is almost like and euphoric feeling or just boosting my serotonin. I like to listen to meaningful songs to me or songs that seem to explain the void or emptiness I feel. Even listening to what some call sad songs helps because you may not truly know or understand why you feel the way you do and the music may help with that or speak to you. I also know for me listening to up beat energetic music helps me get out of my funk and changes my mood.

  • Reading/writing Poetry- I know poetry isn't for everyone but I've loved poetry since a very young age. Poetry for me gets me out of those dark emotions or feelings you can't really describe to anyone else that you sometimes can't put in words. It puts those unexplainable pains and feelings into writing for me (can do the same for you) once I'm done I feel lighter as if a weight was finally lifted off my shoulders. It is a beautiful way of expression and some may say " well I can't write poetry". Honestly to me any one can because, it's from thought and emotions your poetry may not be for everyone but all that matters is that it is for you. Now reading poetry for me is kind of like listening to a song that has emotions that I can relate to. When reading poetry you can hear the authors voice in your head speaking to you as if they are reading all these beautiful words and feelings back to you. It can help you maybe put an idea to how you feel.

  • Reading in general- Reading is not everyone's thing but when you read while you're in the mist of confused emotions or the feeling of a void it can be an escape that helps change the way you feel. Reading is like traveling into another world, letting your mind imagine and visualize the words on the pages. It's like watching a good movie wishing you were in it, well reading can do that for you as you flip through the pages. It can help focus your mind on something more interesting or positive and change how you feel inside because now you've gone on some crazy journey in your mind from just reading a book.

2. Go on an Adventure- Some of us may feel that we are to old to just pick up and go explore like we did as when we were just kids. But really it is even more fun with the freedom you have as a teenager or adult. Since we're older many feel things have to be well planned out and thought out just because planning is the responsible thing to do. When in reality it is even more exciting to just go experience all the good things this crazy world has to offer. It is a really fun freeing experience and may help take your mind off all the stressful things you have going on and definitely will help fix that void. Going out just to try new things and experience different things you will wind up finding new things you will like and maybe make a friend or two. The things that aren't planned are the things with the most excitement.

3. Explore your feelings- At times it may be scary to think about what is making you feel the way you do but also finding the problem can help you feel better. When you try and pin point the source of your troubling emotions you may feel confused and overwhelmed sometimes like most do. I know when I do at first I want to give up but I also think of how much better I will fill once I do figure it out. Trying to even make a list of the different things that could be the problem could also help you pin point the main cause of how you feel. Writing out the many different reasons you could feel how you do could really also help. By writing them out you will be releasing the emotions you've being maybe holding onto that you may not know of. Exploring why you feel how you feel can be scary but also beneficial.

Remember you're evolving to live out your biggest dreams.

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